• Open , Director of Regional Programs
  • Joshua Derrig, Case Management Manager
  • Amelia Stoll, Bilingual Case Manager
  • Alicia Poplett, Bilingual Case Manager
  • Angela Keady, Case Manager, Admissions
  • Joe Hutson, Critical Events Case Manager
  • Julia Giles, Case Manager
  • Kelly McPherson, Case Manager
  • Michelle Smith, Case Manager
  • Oumar Ouattara, Case Manager
  • Anthony Ruby, Case Manager
  • Patrick Steimer, Case Manager
  • Kat Austin, Clinical Supervisor
  • Cody Meyer, MH/SA Counselor
  • Amanda Earle, MH/SA Counselor 
  • Tracie Smith, Housing and Resources Manager
  • Diana Cable, Food Bank Coordinator
  • Guy Quintana, Food Bank Assistant
  • Sara Hoogendyk, Residential Services Coordinator
  • Nathan Grey, Residential Services Coordinator
  • Jack Rouff, Residential Housing Assistant
  • Andrew Kimmell, Financial Assistant and Housing Subsidy Administrator
  • Lidia Serrano-Lopez, Lead Bilingual Receptionist/Programs Assistant
  • Carlos Macias, Bilingual Receptionist/Programs Assistant
  • Michael Ford, Prevention Services Manager
  • Madison Unsworth, Prevention Coordinator
  • Carrie Hankins, Prevention Coordinator
  • Sara Dasugo, Prevention Coordinator/PWID Case Manager

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Regional Council

Dean Gonyea, Chair
Robyn Dibble
Erik Kintner
Kathryn Farrow
Joshua Whittington
Daisy Lee
Nathan Peterson

Board of Directors